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New Year New Calendar? Here Are 5 Simple DIY to form Unique Calendar

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No matter how organized you and your family are, a centralized command centre can assist you never miss a meeting, birthday, or holiday ever again. Create attention-grabbing calendar because the centrepiece of your organization station, and help your family stay sorted—even during the busiest seasons. These do-it-yourself options utilize everything from acrylic to chalkboard paint for an update-able and fully personalized home calendar.

1. DIY Erase Calendar

Keep things simple and use an outsized glass framework because of the base for this clean and modern wall calendar. Use a straightedge to form a natural grid, and alter out the month and days using colourful dry erase markers every 30 days. 

Pro-tip: Source an enormous frame from a secondhand store and paint the wood to match your interior and keep this project super budget-friendly. 

2. Watercolour Calendar 

Brighten your desk with a watercolour block calendar that changes daily, becoming a dynamic piece of interactive artwork. This smart design utilizes each face of the cube so that all the months and days are accounted for, just print and decoupage onto plain wooden cubes.

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3. DIY Desk Calendar

Enjoy a satisfying “swack” as you flip a tin circle to vary the date on this rustic desktop calendar. Challenge yourself and use all recycled materials to make this exciting piece; it is often done pretty quickly by scouring a woodshop, craft studio, or friends’ recycling bins. 

4. Entryway Calendar

This genuinely creative idea from Tabitha Blue is that the perfect centrepiece for your family’s command centre, and it’s fully customizable to match your home. Set this calendar up within the entryway, and incorporate changing the date into your daily morning routine to assist little ones in learning their numbers and days of the week. 

5. Paint Chip Calendar

Bring a bright touch cheeriness to your day-to-day with a rainbow wall calendar made from free paint swatches. Source paint chips from an ironmongery shop, and don’t hesitate to tug different shapes and brands—you can trim them to seem unified later. Hang each swatch behind the glass of a photo frame. Then you’ll change the month and days with a dry erase marker. 

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