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“Everyone wished to be such as you,” I told my mind, thinking of my successful career because the well-liked|hottest|most well liked|preferred|most well-liked} author of popular psychological science in Russia, my bestseller novels, thousands of grateful folks that used my information and skills of non-public development consultants, reiki masters and therefore the the} teacher of meditation; It also applies to my health, the outside look and even the shine in my eyes that attests to my inner serenity and joy.

I replied, “Everyone may be like Maine if you want. However, that meant everything I had to pass to urge wherever I used to be. And this can be one thing that a lot of wouldn’t need. This refers to the years, or, decades agone, of my inadequacy, disturbance, ignorance, suffering, wrongdoing, and my wandering and suffering.

With this introduction, I would like to convey to you that everything I’m nowadays, everything I get pleasure from and luxuriate in, is that the results of excellent work, learning, and most – the foremost varied, usually painful experiences that have brushed, polished and obliterate Maine. I Sat and learned to fly. And he completes that others might be lightweight at the exit of the tunnel, alleviate their suffering, speed up development processes and transfer the techniques, skills and information for much better quality, higher and additional aware life.

Knowledge and knowledge that are not transmitted and doesn’t upset others is insignificant and insignificant. That’s why, with some in-house vocations and God’s thoughts, I used to be forced to write down concerning everything, to carry workshops, gatherings, lectures, forums, and seminars.

I am committed to my path of emotional and non-secular development with an excellent responsibility to the life I even have given to my gift and honour to become a parent, with the potential to create my importance and information contribute to waking up consciousness and a much better life on the earth.

Love, Jessie